Yvonne's Column

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Dining Out - Bob Heart

Now, I am quite prepared to accept Thai food is the product of an ancient and noble gastronomic tradition....Read more

The Official Guide to Melbourne

For possibly the best Thai Royal Cuisine outside Thailand, Lemongrass, 189 Lygon St, is superb....Read more

Reigning Over All

Our reviewer says this is her favourite Thai restaurant in Melbourne now, and she just happened to let drop that she's eaten in the 'wonderful Lemongrass in Bangkok' so we guess she may have an idea or two about what constitutes good Thai food....Read more

Food and Wine

Thai 'diet' not one for wimps. To THOSE of us constantly in search of the truth, here was a saying wrapped in the enigmatic philosophy of the Orient....Read more

Fit For The King Of Siam

Next day, we visited a quite different Thai restaurant in Lygon Street, where Italian eating houses no longer have a monopoly. The new Lemongrass, which was also packed, is very Carlton in style and clientele....Read more

Dishing Up The World

Melbourne, Australia - Sydney and Melbourne have long been rivals in everything from business and culture to weather and sports....Read more