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“It was a wonderful night. Everything was perfect. I highly recommend Lemongrass. Prices are reasonable.” Yvonne’s Column. Melbourne Observer

When a restaurant has been opened for over 25 years you know it's going to be good. In a time where new dining hotspots are popping up daily sometimes it's the classics that really impress. Born in 1989 (like Taylor Swift) Lemongrass has been dishing up fresh authentic food from three generations of family chefs. Read more

Good Food Good Mood May, 2017 Rated 4.5 OUT OF 5 Taken from Zomato

Had a lunch with colleague at Lemongrass. Mate had massaman curry which was nice, needed to taste it a bit .. looked so good!! And it was, flavors aahh.. those flavors. Had pork neck BBQ myself and it was good. The spices (HOT!) and well made pork dish is always a fantastic combination.
Extremely happy about the food. Will definitely go back again for more.. RECOMMENDED!!

Finn & Filo Downunder May, 2017 Rated 4.5 OUT OF 5 Taken from Zomato

Best Pad Thai and Roti I’ve had in Melbourne besides …Elizabeth St. but I think LEMONGRASS is the best and I’ve tried at a lot of Melbourne’s Thai restaurants.

Danika July, 2016 Rating 5 Stars Taken from Google Reviews

Amazing green curry!!! It is different from other curry I have ever tasted since it is handmade. Full-bodied coconut milk in the soup is awesome and leads me to endless aftertaste. And the chicken in it is fresh and tender...Read more

朱金铭 Qing J April, 2017 Rating 5Stars Taken from Google Reviews

Delicious food and must visit. The menu is great.

Harkirat Singh April, 2017 Rating 5Stars Taken from Google Reviews

Great food, good decor. Offers variety on the Lyon Street.

Nicholas Taylor Feb, 2017 Rating 5Stars Taken from Google Reviews

Liked the decor and atmosphere. Spacious and clean. Food was tasty and well presented.Polite staff.

Tamzid Farhat January, 2017 Rating 4Stars Taken from Google Reviews

One the best Thai places I've been to in Melbourne, really enjoyed the food, especially the entrees. The service was fantastic, they were polite and they were hospitable. Definetly recommend and go back to such a good restaurant.

Robbie Manoukian Sept, 2016 Rating 5Stars Taken from Google Reviews

The best Thai restaurant in Melbourne by a huge margin. I love this place and have brought friends, colleagues and dates here, and they have all been amazed at the food and service. Lemongrass is truly something special...Read more

Hamand Vaid July, 2016 Rating 5Stars Taken from Google Reviews

I have lived 6 years in Bangkok Thailand, and have special liking for Thai cuisine. Lemongrass has most authentic Thai food I have had out of Thailand... Read more

Amar Dutia November, 2016

Outstanding! We rolled up with a group of 14. No booking. Whist being a Friday night and busy, Lemongrass was able to accommodate us with minimal fuss... Read more

Steve A August, 2016

Thank you Michael and the team at Lemongrass for a wonderful evening on Saturday night. Lemongrass has a wonderful ambiance that you don't usually get at a Lygon Street restaurant... Read more

Luke S 1 July, 2016

I'm very happy to visit again your stonish restaurant like the last 8 years with a group of good restaurants owners and wine experts from Belgium!

TERRA 6 March, 2016

I have been coming here since the 1990's & it is still 1 of my favourite Thai restaurants in Australia. Although I have been told that it can b a bit hit & miss now depending on whether the original female chef is on or not. I have never been disappointed though & I try 2 visit whenever I am in Melbourne... Read more

dianas6 15 August, 2013

Best Thai I had in Melbourne!... Read more

Vicki 6 July, 2013

The best Thai I had ever, I love the pud Thai, green curry chicken & massaman curry are very yum... Read more

russell87 4 March, 2013

I am a great fan of food. Ended-up in Lygon street at the last day of my travel in Melbourne. After a long stroll, this restaurant caught my sight... Read more

Karthik 23 October, 2012

I was told to go here several years ago and by chance strolling Lygon St chose to go in finally. What a fantastic meal. Great service - lovley wine recommended... Read more

julesandnathBrisbane, Australia - 26 August, 2012

Truly Authentic Thai on Lygon St... Read more

QuitWorkandGo29 July, 2012

Lemongrass is World class in Melbourne... Read more

Justin BSan Antonio, Texas, USA - 27 July, 2012

Royal Thai Cuisine... Read more

Mitch G20 July, 2012
  • Food : ***** (Excellent)
  • Service : ***** (Excellent)
  • Ambience : ***** (Excellent)
... Read more
Voeten Bart, Karmolyn (Wine Retailer) and Woostwezel, Belgium 22 March, 2012

Once again I want to thank you for the superb night my friends and I had at Lemongrass last week. I wanted to take them somewhere special to celebrate my appointment by RMIT University as an Emeritus Professor... Read more

Martin 19 March, 2012

Eat Here Before You Die... Read more

KiwiMedic 19 March, 2012

I'm very happy to visit again your astonish restaurant like the last 6 years with a group of good restaurants owners and wine experts from Belgium!... Read more

Calcedonio Terrazzino 6 March, 2012